• Music
    • Rob Hubbard
  • Code and Graphics
    • Dbug

The intro of the demo

The wobbling logo

The big scroll

Polygon screen class=

RGB plasma

Bouncing picture

Just Oric (1998)

Volcanic 4 room
Volcanic 4 room

Demos, on Oric, it's a reality.
There are only a few, but they start to be nice !

The following pictures are from the demo I've called "Just Oric".

It was specially made for beeing presented at the "Volcanic 4" demo-party...
It starts by a copy of the Windows 95 boot picture, followed by a wobbling "Dbug" logo...

It continues with a mega-scroller, followed by some polygons moving around the screen...

The demo finished with a fully colored plasma, and by a big bouncing "Oric Megademo" picture.

Then, the credits, and it's finished.

That's all !

In order to give you a hint about the look and feel of the ST News International Christmas Coding Convention, you can find on the right some pictures taken during the party.

And here is a video of the demo in action: