• Graphics (Oric)
    • Dbug
    • Twilighte
  • Music (Oric)
    • Twilighte
  • Code (Oric)
    • Jede
    • Dbug
  • Other versions
    • Jmagic
    • Jugi
    • Heatbeat
    • Deck
    • Britelite
    • Shape
    • THG
    • SHD
    • H7

assembly2002 Oric demo

assembly2002 Oric demo

Assembly 2002 intro invit

This intro was made specially for the Assembly 2002 demo party.

It's an adaptation made from the original PC and Commodore 64 versions.

Graphics came from other versions.

Hartwall Arena
Hartwall Arena

Character sets by Dbug and Twilighte, the music is an adaptation of IK+ by Twilighte, the loader by Jede, and the main demo code by Dbug.

Not much else to say really, it's one of many ports of this invitation!

And here is a video of the demo in action: