“Yeah, awesome!”

“What do you mean by 'this is not a real quote'?”

“All your websites are belong to us.”

“I will sue you for using my meme!!!”

“Old computers never die .. their users do!”


Sun 15th October 2017

  • Added some redirects for all the game sudomains (1337.defence-force.org, ...) to now point to the new game pages on the main site

  OSDK 1.10
Thu 13th April 2017

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.5 (Added a new '-cc' command line parameter to allow compatibility with the CC65 toolchain)
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.25 (Fixed the off-by-one error in the tape header when Exporting Oric images to tape format)
  • Added a new environment variable, OSDKXAPARAMS, which can be used to pass any arbitrary set of parameters to XA when the build script is called

  OSDK 1.9
Sat 18th March 2017

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.4 (Extended the values for a number of hardcoded defines (labels, blocks, number of open files, etc...))
  • Upgraded Linker to the version 0.65 (Fixed some issues in the token pattern matching used to detect labels resulting in #includes containing relative paths to be incorrectly parsed)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 1.1 (New format, new commands, sector interleaving, ...)
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.24 (Fixed a problem in the color reduction code failing on a 32bit source image)
  • 6502 syntax coloring for Notepad++, by Jede


Thu 21st April 2016

  • Upgraded the server hardware and software

  OSDK 1.8
Sun 17th January 2016

  • The build script is now correctly setting up XA: If you use 65816 or 65c02 instructions they will be refused with an error message
  • Upgraded Linker to the version 0.64 (fixed a bunch of problems with include files and external symbols)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to version 0.19 (Better error handling)
  • Improved the FloppyBuilder sample program with a new API file to make it easier to use

  OSDK 1.7
Thu 7th January 2016

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.23 (Two new options for the Atari ST monochrome mode, -f2 and -s1)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to the version 0.18 (Added a 'ReserveSectors' command that can be used to leave room on the disk for save games or stuff like that)
  • Added a FloppyBuilder sample program.
  • The OSDK is now going through the Coverity analyzer (https://scan.coverity.com/projects/osdk - a number of small issues have been corrected, but as all code changes that can lead to bugs).


  Oric Library
Sat 13th June 2015

  • Added a downloadable versions of 'Manuel de Référence' and 'Travaux Pratiques' from André Chenière

  OSDK 1.6
Sun 31st May 2015

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.22 (Fixed the -o0/-o1 documentation error, and made the -f5 charmap mode actually work)
  • Upgraded FloppyBuilder to the version 0.17 (data can now be extracted from an existing DSK file, parser and macro expansion improvements)
  • Upgraded ym2mym to version 1.6 (music can now be truncated and faded out)
  • Disabled the verbose messages displayed by old2mfm.

  OSDK 1.5
Sat 14th February 2015

  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.21 (Support for AIC pictures and alpha channel in pictures)


  OSDK 1.4
Fri 12th December 2014

  • Upgraded Oricutron to version 1.2
  • Upgraded ym2mym to version 1.5
  • Updated the documentation

  OSDK 1.3
Sat 20th September 2014

  • Updated code generator and macros for the C compiler (bug fix for the MicroChess program).
  • Many fixes to make the LINUX version a reality (case change for files, gcc compile fixes, ...).
  • Upgraded Bas2Tap and Tap2Dsk to give names to the generated tapes.
  • Upgraded Header to version 0.2: The address can now be specified with either $ or 0x as an hexadecimal prefix

Wed 16th April 2014

  • Defence-Force.com is now operational - kind of

  OSDK 1.2
Sun 16th March 2014

  OSDK 1.1
Mon 24th February 2014

  OSDK 1.0
Sun 23rd February 2014

  • Oricutron 0.9 is now used by default instead of Euphoric, you can set OSDKEMUL to choose between EUPHORIC and Oricutron.
  • Added FloppyBuilder 0.15 - A new tool to generate bootable floppies with full access to overlay memory.
  • Added Ym2Mym 1.4 - A new tool to convert Atari ST and Amstrad musics to a format suitable for the Oric.
  • Upgraded PictConv to the version 0.19 (New 'img2oric/libpipi' algorithm)
  • Plus quite many internal changes (linux compatibility, bug fixes, ...) which should not impact the end user of the SDK


  Oric Library
Sun 10th March 2013

  • Added a downloadable version of the issues 13, 153 and 273 of the CEO Mag

  Oric 30th birthday
Sun 6th January 2013

  • The Oric 30th birthday page is now online
  • The Facebook page is now online


  OSDK 0.20
Sun 8th April 2012


  OSDK 0.19
Tue 18th January 2011

  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.3
  • Added TapTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Tap2CD, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Tap2Wav, Tap2CD and Tap2DSK.
  • Added DskTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Old2Mfm, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Old2Mfm, Raw2Mfm, CRCFix, Init, MakeDsk, ...

  OSDK 0.18
Sat 15th January 2011

  • Upgraded Euphoric to the version 1014
  • Upgraded MemMap to the version 0.004
  • Upgraded XA to the version 2.2.1
  • The handling of the stackframe should not be more robust, fixing the random variable corruption that happened in code using many functions calls and local variables.
  • The libraries now contains a 32 bit multiplication routine, and a Microsoft compatible random number generator.


  OSDK 0.17
Fri 12th February 2010

  • Added taptap.exe in the bin folder.
  • Added a 256 bytes assembler sample demo.
  • Updated Xa.exe.
  • Updated tap2dsk.exe.
  • Updated Link65.exe - it accepts now up to 10000 labels instead of 2000.
  • Updated FilePack.
  • Updated PictConv.
  • Updated MemMap.
  • Updated Bas2Tap - it can now add colors to comments.
  • Modified make.bat to make it work with the new disk building system.
  • Modified osdk_euphoric.bat to restore the current directory on exit.
  • Fixed the build scripts for some of the samples, that pointed on the wrong location for data files.
  • Fixed lib.h, peek/poke/deek/doke should now work correctly.
  • Removed the Visual Studio project files from the sample.


  OSDK 0.16
Wed 13th December 2006

  • Replaced a part of the build process that was crashing Wine. It is now possible to compile an Oric program with the OSDK on a Linux machine.
  • If you have DosBox installed, it is now possible to run Euphoric in a windowed mode.
  • Updated the documentation with more interpage links.
  • Upgraded Euphoric to the version 1007
  • Added Bas2Tap as a native part of the OSDK. It is now possible to generate programs from a BASIC source code easily.
  • Added a lot of options to fine tune the output of Bin2Txt, including the possibility to generate BASIC files.
  • PictConv can now export pictures as BASIC DATA lines.
  • PictConv can convert colored pictures that are not 240 pixels wide

  OSDK 0.15
Wed 2nd August 2006

  • Corrected a stupid mistake that led to invalid code generation

  OSDK 0.14
Thu 1st June 2006

  • Some new features in PictConv:
    • If there is something specified after -o3 or -o4 modes, it's used as a label name to use when generating source code data.
    • If there is a 'z' specified after -f0 mode (monochrome conversion), it means that bit 6 should not be set in converted bytes
    • Added -n switch to set the number of values per line (stolen from Bin2Txt !)
  • Update the documentation page about PictConv, it was severly lacking some important details -like file formats-

  OSDK 0.13
Sun 4th June 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the makefile (introduce in version 0.012) that make it impossible to compile C programs
  • It is now possible to use .ASM extension for assembly source code, in addition to .S
  • Added pictures of Windows 2000 and Windows XP system properties in the installation page.

  OSDK 0.12
Sun 4th June 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the linker that made it impossible to use the linker with only one source file
  • Corrected a bug in the #file command in XA, it now correctly displays the file and line if an error happens during the second pass
  • Corrected a bug in the handling of static function pointer generating bad code (1.29 code generator by Fabrice)
  • Added an option to display the size of generated programs in Header

  OSDK 0.11
Wed 1st March 2006

  • Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code (overflow when offset was equal to 4096 exactly)
  • Corrected a bug (hack) in XA that make it crash when processing too many levels of macro expansion
  • Added a way to generate masks from a bitmap in PictConv
  • Added support for Atari ST compatible bitmap data in PictConv
  • Added an option in Bin2Txt to set the number of values per line of data
  • Added a new program in the OSDK, MemMap with the associated osdk_showmap.bat to show how memory is used


  OSDK 0.10
Thu 1st January 2004

  • Corrected bug in the memset routine: it was trashing the first byte that follow the routine.
  • Added screenshots of Euphoric menu, boot sequence and debugger in action

  OSDK 0.9
Thu 1st January 2004

  • Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code
  • Corrected a bug in the EQW_DI macro instruction
  • Modified the linker to handle pure assembly code projects (SET OSDKLINK=-B in the configuration file)
  • Modified the linker to make it not complain about .( and .)
  • Modified the linker to add #file directives in order to get valid error messages (file/line) from XA assembler
  • Modified the linker to makes it accept /* */ comments (was previously crashing badly)
  • Modified the assembleur to accept the #file directive
  • Modified the makefile to accept a OSDKCOMP variable to handle compiler optimisation settings
  • Updated Euphoric to release 1.004a
  • Added 'testing' mode to PictConv
  • Added a 'do not save header' mode to FilePack
  • Added a new sample project: 4KKong game


  OSDK 0.8
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug in the code generator: floating point code is now working.
  • Made some improvements in the build and execute batch files.
  • Added already made Visual Studio projects and workspaces.

  OSDK 0.7
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug in the code generator: function pointers are now working correctly.
  • Corrected bug in the code generator: NULL pointers as parameters are now working correctly.
  • Corrected bug in memset, it was crashing !
  • Added configuration information on how to use VisualC++ and UltraEdit for editing.
  • Added some definitions in the glossary.
  • Added a page with the 6502 instruction set.

  OSDK 0.6
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected bug with -u option of FilePack (was not working anymore)
  • Corrected various problems in the documentation (spelling, html errors)
  • Added version number on the first documentation page.

  OSDK 0.5
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Corrected error in Bin2Txt documentation
  • Corrected problem with the 'tmp' folder that was missing in the Zip archive
  • Added FreeImage.dll (needed for PictConv)

  OSDK 0.4
Fri 1st November 2002

  • Updated code generator and macros for the C compiler.
  • Updated tape header manager, can now remove headers and set autorun flag
  • Added FilePack, Bin2Txt, PictConv, WriteDsk, Tap2Cd and Tap2Wav
  • Added this documentation :)
  • Added two samples (picture display, and file decompression)
  • Added 'file_unpack' function
  • Corrected bug in 'clock' function
  • XA symbol table is now compatible with Euphoric debuger format

  OSDK 0.3
Tue 1st January 2002

  • Lots of modification. The setup/use is a lot simpler than before.
  • Can now be used from within Visual Studios.
  • Euphoric is integrated into the release


  OSDK 0.2
Wed 1st August 2001

  • Correction of a bug in the header creator

  OSDK 0.1
Thu 1st March 2001

  • First official version of the OSDK

Made with the OSDK

by Defence Force

“A small intro coded in few hours on the party place”

Released in 2013

“Clean and stylish - I like it! Thanks.”

“Very nice result and very nice example of coding with osk !!!”

“Not bad for a few hours work :D”